Arthrum 2.5% Single Injection

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-New generation HA-based therapy for treating Osteoarthritis in a safe,easy to use,single injection regimen

-Pure sodium hyaluronate and is not cross-linked by any chemical agent

-Sterile,transparent,homogenous viscoelastic preparation,composed of highly purified sodium hyaluronate,containing 75mg of sodium hyaluronate per 3ml syringe



-Protective effect on cartilage

  • The lubricating properties of sodium hyaluronate molecules in synovial fluid allow the joint surfaces to slide against each other and protect them from mechanical damage
  • By reducing the stress on weight-bearing joints,the elastic properties protect cartilage from compressive forces

-Metabolism interface

  • Small molecules such as water,electrolytes and nutrients can diffuse readily in the direction of the cartilage and the synovial membrane

- Structure-modifying effect

  • Sodium hyaluronate provides a protective barrier,masking the pain receptors of the synovial membrane



-The dosage schedule of Arthrum 2.5% Single Injection is one intra-articular injection in the knee.A second injection maybe repeated between the first and third month if this is justified by the painful symptoms of the patient


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